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Catch of the Day

As a true New Englander, I love Lobster in all forms, in raviolis, boiled, steamed, dunked in butter etc etc… But of course, I love the classic Lobster Roll at least once a summer. I think that on this trip to the cape I may have had the mother of all Lobster Roll’s at Catch of the Day in Wellfleet. For $17, I was presented with this monster of a sandwich, which delicious sweet potato fries and tons of pickles. The meat itself had just a little mayo and some celery mixed in, just how I like it. The bun was almost like a hot dog bun, but not quite, but sweet like it should be. I feel it is my duty to share this place with the rest of the universe, since it wasn’t that busy for a place right on route 6 with such tasty lobster rolls.

potentially the best lobster roll i've ever had

Also, they use crushed ice in their soda, CRUSHED ICE! heaven. really.


Booze and Veggies.

This summer I belong to a great CSA, and have a garden, so I’m already finding myself with a shitload of vegetables. Last night after a few beers at the new neighborhood bar The Scurvy Dog, I made some really unphotogenic but yummy pickles, and whipped up these effin’ delicious onion goat cheese muffins.

They are based on Jugalbandi’s Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Muffins, but I used what I had in my fridge, which was onions and zucchini and some dill.


I was drunk when I made them, but somehow they came out really well, and so fluffy, I think because I used egg whites instead of the whole egg? They are for a picnic tonight at Blithewold, and I think they will go nicely with the Portuguese wine they are serving (More drinking).

Whenever I drink 4 beers on an empty stomach, I crave some za, so luckily I had the right ingrediants.

Last nights dinner Goat Cheese Salami Broccoli Pizza:

See that beautiful broccoli, its from my garden. I know, you are jealous.

Butternut Vest

Last week I finished the Back to School Vest by Stephanie Japel. I am happy with it and it reminded me a little of macrame so I decided it needed a long hippie necklace to go with it. So I went to Forever 21 and spent 5.20 on this :
today I am wearing a garment I knit to work

All day I got compliments on the necklace, and only a few on the vest (by other knitters) oh well, I love that vest and will actually wear it.

Looking at the photo for a week really made me want some butternut squash soup. So I yesterday afternoon I opened my new food processor and whipped some up.
butternut squash and apple soup

It was yummy! I still have some left, you can come have some if you want.

Almost Pinkberry

When I traveled to L.A. with A.A. I got my first taste of Pinkberry, and I’ve been craving it ever since. I had been banking on my next visit to NYC to give me my next Pinkberry, but a few days ago I was alerted that a knockoff popped up on Thayer Street. I had to see if it had the same crack-like qualities as P-Berry.

The store had a nice minimalist feel to it & the topping choices were similar, though Captain Crunch was replaced by Fruity Pebbles and a cooler full of fun Japanese drinks will surely attract Asian Culture Fetishists.

I decided on Original with Pineapple with Chocolate Chips topping and I got something that was more Frozen Yogurty than Pinkberry, but still sour enough to be interestingly odd and palate pleasing. I will be going back, that is until Pinkberry issues them a cease and desist.

Juniper = Almost Pinkberry

P.S. I will still be going to the real deal when I am within 50 miles of one, so maybe they should just leave our PVD version alone.

Hungarian McDonald’s : check

One thing I often do while abroad is check out whats on the local McDonald’s menu. I’m not a giant McDonalds buff, like the folks at the McChronicles obviously are, but its pretty interesting. I think it may have started when I first discovered the Cadbury Egg McFlurry in London, which I was lucky enough to have again last year in Dublin.

In Budapest I was able to experience the the Rosztiburger menu.
Alpine burger at mcdonalds

Not understanding a stitch of Hungarian, I could only guess that it was a burger with a fish filet on it. Which was so odd and wrong that I had to try it. I had guessed incorreclty though, it was actually a burger with a hash brown on it, and some kind of sour cheese sauce oh and the best bacon i have ever had at McDonald’s. (Have I even ever had bacon at McDonalds before? I can’t confirm this) The bun itself had ham and cheese on it. I was able to eat about half of it (the man that was sitting near us that smelled like pee didn’t help much either). Needless to say, I dont’ think i ever need to eat another Rosztiburger ever again.

the Rosztiburger

a damn fine cookie

I am not that great of a cook, but I can choose and follow a recipe quite well. is my go-to recipe site, in fact every so often i update that “what i’m eating tonight” with what i’m actually eating tonight, and usually its something from epicurious. This weekend I was invited to a “Cookies and Games party” so I looked to Epicurious and found a great Candied Ginger Shortbread recipe. Amazingly enough I had every single ingredient in the house except for brown sugar. These cookies were so simple and came out so adorable, plus they tasted really good. My friend was visiting and we made them together over a bottle of wine and they still turned out perfect.

candied ginger shortbread

I’ll probably make these again for some celebration this winter and you should too!

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