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Jitterbug Lace Ribbon

Jitterbug Lace Ribbon Scarf

I am FINALLY done with this baby. It took me over a month to knit, and I was pretty committed to it. I even kept trying to bring it to Stitch and Bitch, where i would knit a row or two, screw it up, and then have to figure out how to fix it for the rest of the SnB session. I have to say, I really love the colors in the yarn and the way it looks after being lightly spritzed with a waterbottle and blocked on a towel out of reach of my kitty who was puking up easter grass all night.


uglyagnes trivia: quiche lorraine is my fave b52s song

I like a good cover band, and lately there has been some buzz about B-Hive, a local B52s cover band. I got a chance to see them last night at a Providence RollerDerby event, and they were dynamite!

Providence has a great b52s cover band

At the end of May i’ll be seeing the B52s play at the true colors tour in Boston, and i have a feeling that B-Hive might be better than the real thing!

katie lee cookie mania

We listen to Howard Stern almost exclusively in the car these days. Recently he had Katie Lee Joel in (she’s a friend of his fiance) and she made these cookies from her badly named-new book, The Comfort Table. There are mixed reviews on this book, but she brought in some of her cookies to the studio, which prompted my roommate to make some. Luckily, the recipe is available for free here.

While MJP was the chef, I will willing to taste test them. And i can say, i give them an A-. Had I just tried the raw cookie dough, and fresh out of the oven cookies, it would be a solid A. But this morning I had one for breakfast and they are a little less OMGWTFSOGOOD, but still,OMGSOGOOD.

Katie Lee Joel Cookies

hi: I’ve got stuff to say

I really do. But i’ve been lazy. I’ll post more, i promise.

Anyway, I have TMZ Addiction, and sometimes it pays off, like this morning when I saw this “Hollywood Muppets” photo gallery.Buscemi

I’m a little anxious today…

So i’ve been surfing blogs a little bit. I particullary like this one.

And she makes these gorgeous woven scarfs, which i think you can sometimes buy in her etsy shop.

And the Secret ingredient is, 1 gallon of garlic…

Sometimes I like to pick things up off of the ground and keep them. I did that today, at Whole Foods, and I found this interesting list.

20 Onions I thought, Damn, thats a lot of onions. I figured it was for some hipster childrens party, but still, 20 onions is a lot. And a a gallon of garlic? Strange, I’ve never seen garlic come in gallons, is it chopped or cloves or what? I’m interested to see a gallon of garlic. Maybe its garlic juice? Thats supposed to be good for bug bites.
So at 3:00pm is when the Cowinkydink happens I visited Providence Daily Dose as I often do. And looky here…A Vegan Iron Chef Battle at As220 tonight. Weird.

The Merry Cemetary

At my house, we’ve been really into Anthony Bourdain’s:No Reservations I think over the past month we’ve seen at least 15 episodes. And truthfully, Tony’s (yeah we are on a first name basis now) view on a country can make or break a place for me. For instance, I never had much interest in visiting Hong Kong until I saw him eating at the food courts, and his stop in Iceland confirmed that one day would be enough for me. Last week Tony stopped in Romania, a place I almost visited but never did, and it looked pretty creepy and cold, except for the Merry Cemetary. A burial ground with cartoon-like handcarved wooden headstones with strange and sometime macabre scenes.

Merry Cemetary, Sapanta, Romania
Originally uploaded by John Spooner

I’ve always found eastern european folk art to be so inspiring. This place alone makes Romania worth travelling to in my book. Anyone want to come with me?

P.S.Watch that video with sound on at your own risk.

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