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Todd Oldham Loves Providence –

or at least RISD Students.

A series of books is available from Todd, and the Prov-centric one has an Essay by Amy Sedaris. HipSTAR! From the AMMO Books Site (where it is available for pre-order for a mere $19.95 in case you don’t know any real life RISD students yourself).
“A testament to ingenuity on a budget without any parental restrictions, Home Studio Home celebrates unique and unfettered creativity.” Isn’t that what living in Providence is all about?

P.S. I think the one about John Waters looks the best.


alpacas are itchy

A year ago, a friend asked me to knit him a scarf with stars on it. On my trip to budapest, I brought some army green yarn to do just that. (Cascade Pastaza) When I started knitting with it, I decided it was too itchy for his neck. After a year, this scarf should be right. So, I didn’t do much knitting in on my trip, I was too busy eating. When I left for the airport I realized I would have nothing to knit on the plane, and that sucks, so I frantically looked for a pattern, and picked Argosy (another scarf) but at least this is a lacy scarf, and would be for myself, and I have a much stronger neck than he. So I knit knit knit for my unscheduled 12 hour lay over, (and ate more, this time cheese, I was in France) and finished it yesterday. And now I have the worlds most itchiest scarf.

Here is a photo of it. (backwards, whoops).


I actually wore it all day yesterday (to see Teeth – a movie about vagina dentanta – not really relevant but thought i’d throw it in) and I was able to deal with it and will wear it again today on my quest to get Super Bowl Sunday 40% off yarn.

say what you will about providence,

but you have to admit, PVD does have a lot of special things, one of them is the printshop at as220’s new dreyfus building.

last night i was able to take a 4 hour screenprinting workshop for only $25. Our instructor was great, and I was able to produce this shirt.

I would have been able to make more if i wasn’t really messy, but now that i’ve taken a workshop, i can rent a 4 hour block for just $25 and use the equipment. neato peato.

P.S. the image is something I photoshopped from a traditonal Wycinanki (polish paper cut) design, which I am really into these days and want all over everything i own, so I hope I find sometime to rent out the space!

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