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What was Hitler’s Favorite Dish? Who Cares?

Reading this article about a Belgian Foodie tv show not airing the episode about Hitler’s favorite dish instantly got me instantly interested about the show.

Thanks to YouTube, in about 2 seconds I was able to watch a bit of the Roald Dahl episode.

Exciting! I would watch this show all the time if I could. I want to know what Freddie Mercury’s favorite dish was.



This post on TMZ made me realize I kind of let the fact that I recently went to see New Kids on The Block go by unmentioned to most everyone. I also didn’t get a chance to mention that show was totally, well BANANAS (as Rachel Zoe would say). It was great, girls screaming, NKOTB dancing just like they did when they were much younger, Joey wearing the smiley face jacket. Comments on TMZ say it the video must be staged, but an entire arena FULL of screaming girls assures me no, lame-ass girls like me are ready for more New Kids. I don’t think I’m ready to listen to New Kids on Pandora on my headphones at work, but Please Don’t Go Girl is my ring-tone and I’d go to another New Kids show and maybe buy a $30 tee-shirt this time around.

Wanna see a lame picture of me with Marky Mark at a new kids show in the 90s?? I know you do.

Me and Marky Mark

Here, we were very young then, this was even before the Funky Bunch. SO THERE. I am a true fan. He smelled like Adidas cologne.

3 things I really like all in one post!

1. Voting
2. Free things
3. Nikki McClure

If you go over to (another thing I like)
you can get this sweet Nikki McClure poster for free (and really for free, not like those “free” obama shirts)


It’s the best thing I’ve seen all day!

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