Right now.. at this very moment…

I am cooking over 2.5 lbs of eggplant. 1/2 are white ones, from my garden, and 1/2 are purple and from the Scratch Farm CSA that I belong to and love dearly.

I’m going to admit to you, I don’t think I like eggplant. I feel just eh – about eggplant parmesan, (i’d really rather have veal (gasp)) but I have to do something with it. I had some baba ganoush I liked once, but recipes tell me to cook the eggplant right on the burner, and I have an electric stove, so I feel weird about sticking my eggplant on my electric burner. I’m currently roasting all of this eggplant for 40 minutes at 350 with some olive oil and garlic, and then adding it to the last of my garden tomatoes (cold, i hate cooked tomatoes) and some dill. It sounds like its going to be good, but will it be? I’ll tell you tomorrow, and I will have a photo for you.

BTW I’m sure I’ll be getting more eggplant, so if you have any spectacular eggplant recipes that don’t involve breadcrumbs or frying, please clue me in.


3 Responses to “Right now.. at this very moment…”

  1. 1 Sarah September 24, 2008 at 12:47 am

    I am your opposite – cause I LOVE eggplant.
    Love it.
    One of my most favorite eggplant dishes is baba ganoush. Just bake and puree with a few spices, and you have a good hummos like dip that freezes really well too.

    Here is a link to a good recipe:

    Since it is from “fat free vegan” if it isnt creamy enough add a little mayo to your puree.


  2. 2 jodi September 24, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    Peel and halve the eggplant and then cut it into thin slices. Layer the slices in a big bowl or pot, sprinkling salt (I use the chunky non-iodized pickling salt) and white vinegar over each layer. Stick a plate on it and something heavy to press down, cover it with plastic and let it sit for 48 hours (make sure all the eggplant is covered with the vinegar).

    After 48 hours drain it through a strainer, pressing the eggplant a bit to crush it down. Pack it into pint-sized jars or tupperware and add 1 clove of crushed garlic, a teaspoon of dried oregano and a half-to-one teaspoon of dried chili flakes to each jar. Store it in the fridge and wait about a week for the flavours to permeate before eating. It’ll keep for several weeks in the fridge (my Italian friend’s mom makes this and they say it’ll keep for a year but I always eat it within a month). Eat it on a nice Italian or light rye bread.

  3. 3 jodi September 24, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Whoops. Forgot the most important part: pack it in jars and then cover it all with a light vegetable oil (I use sunflower).

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