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As Expected…

My Eggplant came out like shit.
It looked ok. But tasted blah.

Eggplant Tomatoes and Dill

The eggplant was dry and kind of tasted like mushrooms. I’m going to try Jodi’s and Sarah’s suggestions at some point, and haven’t quite given up on eggplant yet.


Right now.. at this very moment…

I am cooking over 2.5 lbs of eggplant. 1/2 are white ones, from my garden, and 1/2 are purple and from the Scratch Farm CSA that I belong to and love dearly.

I’m going to admit to you, I don’t think I like eggplant. I feel just eh – about eggplant parmesan, (i’d really rather have veal (gasp)) but I have to do something with it. I had some baba ganoush I liked once, but recipes tell me to cook the eggplant right on the burner, and I have an electric stove, so I feel weird about sticking my eggplant on my electric burner. I’m currently roasting all of this eggplant for 40 minutes at 350 with some olive oil and garlic, and then adding it to the last of my garden tomatoes (cold, i hate cooked tomatoes) and some dill. It sounds like its going to be good, but will it be? I’ll tell you tomorrow, and I will have a photo for you.

BTW I’m sure I’ll be getting more eggplant, so if you have any spectacular eggplant recipes that don’t involve breadcrumbs or frying, please clue me in.

almost 30

Its been a while, I know, but I’ve been busy, almost being 30. I turn the big 30 in November, and I’ve been doing a lot of things before that happens. Today I was talking with my friend Heather, who will turn 30 before me, and we were discussing things we may be on the “cusp” of liking.

For instance, will we wake up and like Celine Dion? What if the clock strikes and I suddenly have a craving for a Cosmo? Or I want to trade my scruffy dog in for a much harder to care for Puli (I had no idea thats what these dogs were called, but Heather did, she must be closer to the cusp). Will I suddenly think “Passion Parties” are fun instead of lame? A true tell tale sign of a 30 year old though, is wanting to celebrate at a 90’s night…. ugh.

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