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my garden grows.

I’ve really been nerding out about gardening & veggies this summer. I was able to get a community garden spot, and so far its going great. Last year I was trying to grow tomatoes on my roof, but it was super hot out there, we weren’t “technically allowed” on the roof and I got a hornworm invasion. This year, i’ve already harvest a shit-ton of radishes, more mesclun than one person should ever eat, and some so so swiss chard.

Here’s a peek into what gets me so excited.

look at that cucumber! adorable.


“Shear Genius” or Bottom of the Barrel Reality TV?

I am someone who will watch just about any reality tv show, and enjoy it, and watch it through to the finale. I can find something good about a show, something so tacky or absurd that makes it watchable. I watched every stupid episode of “I Know My Kid’s a Star” and that Mother/Daughter pageant show that I can’t remember the name of.

Last year my ‘hook’ for Shear Genius was listening to Rene Fris’ say “Shake it out” every episode. It seems this year he’s dropped his catch phrase, but they are allowing him to speak more, even though its impossible to understand wtf he is trying to say.

Meet my ‘hook’ for this year. Kim Vo.
Kim Vo

note: Kim Vo in High Def, does NOT look like Kim Vo on his about me page.

Todd Oldham Loves Providence –

or at least RISD Students.

A series of books is available from Todd, and the Prov-centric one has an Essay by Amy Sedaris. HipSTAR! From the AMMO Books Site (where it is available for pre-order for a mere $19.95 in case you don’t know any real life RISD students yourself).
“A testament to ingenuity on a budget without any parental restrictions, Home Studio Home celebrates unique and unfettered creativity.” Isn’t that what living in Providence is all about?

P.S. I think the one about John Waters looks the best.

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