Két Frivol

It’s so sad to lose something you have knit, especially something you profess to love. Well I suffered the loss of my frivol, and it is lost approximately 4224 miles away, so I’m not going to find it under a pile of clothes anywhere, therefore I had no choice but to re-knit. While at the grand SuperBowl Sunday Sale at Yarns at Lace Wings in Warwick. I picked up some Louet Riverstone in Strawberry that Licketyknit told me was a little too peppy for her taste. (She was at the sale too, as was every RI knitter I know) and some in Mustard. The next day I knit one of those darn cute little Fidgets in Mustard.


As soon as that was complete, I cast on my Két Frivol, which i think means Two Frivols in Hungarian.
Some epidsodes of Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations and one call to jury duty later, I have a new FO.

Két Frivol

I added a pink pompom for added “peppy-ness”


2 Responses to “Két Frivol”

  1. 1 Rachel March 15, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    At first I thought you said that I’d declared the pink too “preppy” for my taste, which made me a little confused for several reasons. I do have to say, though, that I feel like you can really pull off an appealing “ironic peppiness” while on me it would look like I just had a really bad idea. Have you worn it to the office yet?

  2. 2 uglyagnes March 17, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    I have worn it to the office. I’ve been wearing it alot (outside of the office, it messes up my hair so i don’t really wear hats to work), and people say they really like it.

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