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Két Frivol

It’s so sad to lose something you have knit, especially something you profess to love. Well I suffered the loss of my frivol, and it is lost approximately 4224 miles away, so I’m not going to find it under a pile of clothes anywhere, therefore I had no choice but to re-knit. While at the grand SuperBowl Sunday Sale at Yarns at Lace Wings in Warwick. I picked up some Louet Riverstone in Strawberry that Licketyknit told me was a little too peppy for her taste. (She was at the sale too, as was every RI knitter I know) and some in Mustard. The next day I knit one of those darn cute little Fidgets in Mustard.


As soon as that was complete, I cast on my Két Frivol, which i think means Two Frivols in Hungarian.
Some epidsodes of Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations and one call to jury duty later, I have a new FO.

Két Frivol

I added a pink pompom for added “peppy-ness”


I have to admit, i’m feeling a little Valentines-ie.. Even though Providence really doesn’t want me to. There has to be 5 anti-valentines events that are worth going to tonight. Including one that claims partying with the Ex of all Ex’s, KFed. I will be seeing Richard the III at Trinity Rep, because its something to do other than drinking all night.

I had big plans to knit a bunch of these hearts for all of my family and friends, but ended up just knitting one, because, i’ve been feeling generally lazy. They are so fast to knit, and everyone has tons of left over polyfil from some project or another… I suggest if you have nothing to do tonight, you stay in and knit one.

Hearts @ Mochimochiland



Can’t go to the V&A to check out the China Design Now exhibit? Well, at least make one of these cute little zodiac guys and upload it to the flickr gallery… its fun and cute, and a time waster, 3 of my favorite things.

I am a horse.


I am a sucker for cool stamps — maybe its because my dad is a mailman, but I like to think its because I like graphic design. But I admit its kind of nerdy, I even have an all time favorite US stamp. (Warhol, predictable, but its pretty fierce). So, when I went to to the post office this weekend to buy some stamps, I was filled with glee to find these killer Lunar New Year Stamps.


Perfect for Valentine’s, because they don’t say something lame like “Love” or have doves on them, and they match red envelopes swimmingly. Plus, as an added bonus they come in 12 stamp sheets, so you only have to spend 4.80, because who has more than 12 friends? Not me.

alpacas are itchy

A year ago, a friend asked me to knit him a scarf with stars on it. On my trip to budapest, I brought some army green yarn to do just that. (Cascade Pastaza) When I started knitting with it, I decided it was too itchy for his neck. After a year, this scarf should be right. So, I didn’t do much knitting in on my trip, I was too busy eating. When I left for the airport I realized I would have nothing to knit on the plane, and that sucks, so I frantically looked for a pattern, and picked Argosy (another scarf) but at least this is a lacy scarf, and would be for myself, and I have a much stronger neck than he. So I knit knit knit for my unscheduled 12 hour lay over, (and ate more, this time cheese, I was in France) and finished it yesterday. And now I have the worlds most itchiest scarf.

Here is a photo of it. (backwards, whoops).


I actually wore it all day yesterday (to see Teeth – a movie about vagina dentanta – not really relevant but thought i’d throw it in) and I was able to deal with it and will wear it again today on my quest to get Super Bowl Sunday 40% off yarn.

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