Hungarian McDonald’s : check

One thing I often do while abroad is check out whats on the local McDonald’s menu. I’m not a giant McDonalds buff, like the folks at the McChronicles obviously are, but its pretty interesting. I think it may have started when I first discovered the Cadbury Egg McFlurry in London, which I was lucky enough to have again last year in Dublin.

In Budapest I was able to experience the the Rosztiburger menu.
Alpine burger at mcdonalds

Not understanding a stitch of Hungarian, I could only guess that it was a burger with a fish filet on it. Which was so odd and wrong that I had to try it. I had guessed incorreclty though, it was actually a burger with a hash brown on it, and some kind of sour cheese sauce oh and the best bacon i have ever had at McDonald’s. (Have I even ever had bacon at McDonalds before? I can’t confirm this) The bun itself had ham and cheese on it. I was able to eat about half of it (the man that was sitting near us that smelled like pee didn’t help much either). Needless to say, I dont’ think i ever need to eat another Rosztiburger ever again.

the Rosztiburger


1 Response to “Hungarian McDonald’s : check”

  1. 1 The McChronicles January 17, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    Thanks for the mention.
    That burger looks … “interesting”.

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