Szimply Awesome. (ha)

I just came back from a week in budapest (!) I got to visit this amazing bar called Szimpla. Budapest has these things called romkocsma or RuinPubs, basically bars/coffee shops that set up in giant amazing abandoned spaces. Szimpla Kert was open in the winter because they have a metal roof over the courtyard and heatlamps warming the place. The place was huge. The strangest thing was they had toilet paper on a rope before you go into the stall, you just had to grab what you needed before you went. Those crazy hungarians.

The night we went to was indie-britpop night, and much like every other britpop night in the world they opened with some Morrissey. No cover to get in and cheap enough Dreher (a lot like Narragansett for you PVDers). Szimpla Kert reminded me of an apocalyptic AS220 (again for you PVDers). Tubs and torn out cars were transformed into seating and they had bike workshops and rentals in the front. If I lived in Budapest, I’d probably spend some time at these places.

We also got to check out Szimpla Dupla for some coffee, also really cool.

I love the idea of occupying otherwise unusable space like this, but here we have all these dastardly codes we need to worry about. Blah.

More about Budapest later.


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