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Varla Wishes You a Happy Holiday!

varla wishes you a happy holiday!

Yes we put Varla in an Isaac Mizrahi Hanukkah outfit in front of my christmas tree and got her to smile, because well, we felt like it.


say what you will about providence,

but you have to admit, PVD does have a lot of special things, one of them is the printshop at as220’s new dreyfus building.

last night i was able to take a 4 hour screenprinting workshop for only $25. Our instructor was great, and I was able to produce this shirt.

I would have been able to make more if i wasn’t really messy, but now that i’ve taken a workshop, i can rent a 4 hour block for just $25 and use the equipment. neato peato.

P.S. the image is something I photoshopped from a traditonal Wycinanki (polish paper cut) design, which I am really into these days and want all over everything i own, so I hope I find sometime to rent out the space!

now that i’m 29, i’m trying to do a bunch of things i’ve never done before, before i turn 30.

last night i made my very first lasagna. i’m not particularly fond of lasagna which is why i’ve probably never bothered to make it, but this one came out well. I don’t really like ricotta cheese unless its in a sweet state, but find it more tolerable if vegetables are mixed in. I think next time though I won’t use frozen spinach but fresh, because i think it made it stay colder than it should have, even though i cooked it at 400 degrees. (All of you lasagna pros, does that make any sense at all?) This is the recipe I used and I suggest all you first timers try the same.

the first lasagna i ever made

3 things you could get me for Christmas…

23 Circles Window from Green Lantern Glass.

Snippy Necklace from Katinka Pinka

Barrette with Lips from Ivy Honey Bucket

a damn fine cookie

I am not that great of a cook, but I can choose and follow a recipe quite well. is my go-to recipe site, in fact every so often i update that “what i’m eating tonight” with what i’m actually eating tonight, and usually its something from epicurious. This weekend I was invited to a “Cookies and Games party” so I looked to Epicurious and found a great Candied Ginger Shortbread recipe. Amazingly enough I had every single ingredient in the house except for brown sugar. These cookies were so simple and came out so adorable, plus they tasted really good. My friend was visiting and we made them together over a bottle of wine and they still turned out perfect.

candied ginger shortbread

I’ll probably make these again for some celebration this winter and you should too!

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