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I fell in love with a hat.

last week i fell in love with FlintKnits Frivol, everything about it. Such a great color and the yarn. Shes right, the cables and bobbles really popped. I hadn’t read her blog and stalked the hat on flickr. I found out where she got the yarn, (City Knitting in Michigan) called them up and ordered some of my own. Sight unseen, i chose “medieval blue”, sounded tasty, and while in love with pamelas honey mustard hat, I didn’t want to be too much of a copy cat. The next day (!) my own skein of Rio De La Plata 3ply came and I started knitting up a storm.

In three days my hat looked like this:

this is how i try on hats before they are completed

It looked like it would fit, but I was afraid that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn. But what can one do in those situations? Not much really. Luckily I had enough yarn and today my hat looks like this.


If I look intense in this photo, its because I’m so in love with my hat.

The guy at yarn ball boogie is also knitting one of these hats in the 3ply. its also just as sexxay.



happy thanksgiving guys.

watching project runway last night made me realize i haven’t made a post in a week, but i have a knitting one to make later on tonight. right now i have to go make my portion of todays dinner, an escarole and fennel salad (substituting boston lettuce for oak leaf, where the hell does one find oak leaf?), and a green bean casserole. also making some orange jello to eat with condensed milk, just because.

so what …

if i just joined a fantasy project runway game?

instant gratification

I knit myself these nifty fingerless mitts because i was really needing some instant knitting gratification. So 2/3 of a skein of sock yarn, and 2 episodes of Heroes later, I had myself a pair of wool mitts.

fingerless mitts i knit

They are most perfect for holding hot coffee. My BFF was jealous and wanted some for himself, so he picked out some Acrylic (only the best for him) and we watched another episode of Heroes (Finally caught up!) and a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiam, and now, voila, a pair for him too.

fingerless mitts for martin

P.S. I will never be a hand model.

can you believe it?

its almost christmas already, or at least almost card buying time.

I’m going to pimp out my cards on the Moo Holiday Card Competition now. So Please do go buy my card here.
Make a MOO Greetings Card with this image and help raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières

You’ll be taken straight to a page on MOO with my image selected, ready for you to customise and buy.

Cuz not only will you be raising some $ for Somalians, but I might win $2k. And you can have cute cards with a creepy elf given to me by the one and only Matilda. Plus, wouldn’t it be neat to send me a christmas card with a photo I took on it? Yes.


As many of you know, i like to take a class now and again. This time, the mood struck me to take a bollywood dance class at the University at which i work. And holy vishnu, its tougher than I thought. We just finished learning a dance to Ghar Jayegi which was quite fun though challenging. And our instructor just told us that this would be our next dance. Haha. (No really, watch it.)

dia de los muertos

Even though my birthday is on the Day of the Dead, and the calavera decor has been kind of ‘hot’ recently, I never was really into it before this year. I guess because I’m from New England, there are not many Dia De Los Muertos Celebrations. This year I had the inclination to go to a Festival, but it didn’t end up happening, so instead I ordered some extra large sugar skull molds and crafted these cuties.

señor y señora cara dulce

I have to say, I was kind of afraid to make them. On the internet there are so many warnings concerning these things. For instance “YOU MUST use meringue powder!” “DO NOT make in the rain, or on a day with ANY humidity AT ALL!” Luckily I found this blog entry and was able to make them with just sugar and egg whites and they stuck together smashingly.

I did use meringue powder to make the royal icing just because i saw it at the craft store and thought i might as well try using it. (I also used wilton food coloring gels). Really it was one of the most fun projects i’ve ever made and I’ll probably be much more excited about the holiday next year.

Wouldn’t they look cute on this sixteen dollar paper doiley? Maybe for next year. I feel a Day of the Dead 2008 30th Birthday celebration in my future.

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