What was Hitler’s Favorite Dish? Who Cares?

Reading this article about a Belgian Foodie tv show not airing the episode about Hitler’s favorite dish instantly got me instantly interested about the show.

Thanks to YouTube, in about 2 seconds I was able to watch a bit of the Roald Dahl episode.

Exciting! I would watch this show all the time if I could. I want to know what Freddie Mercury’s favorite dish was.



This post on TMZ made me realize I kind of let the fact that I recently went to see New Kids on The Block go by unmentioned to most everyone. I also didn’t get a chance to mention that show was totally, well BANANAS (as Rachel Zoe would say). It was great, girls screaming, NKOTB dancing just like they did when they were much younger, Joey wearing the smiley face jacket. Comments on TMZ say it the video must be staged, but an entire arena FULL of screaming girls assures me no, lame-ass girls like me are ready for more New Kids. I don’t think I’m ready to listen to New Kids on Pandora on my headphones at work, but Please Don’t Go Girl is my ring-tone and I’d go to another New Kids show and maybe buy a $30 tee-shirt this time around.

Wanna see a lame picture of me with Marky Mark at a new kids show in the 90s?? I know you do.

Me and Marky Mark

Here, we were very young then, this was even before the Funky Bunch. SO THERE. I am a true fan. He smelled like Adidas cologne.

3 things I really like all in one post!

1. Voting
2. Free things
3. Nikki McClure

If you go over to BuyOlympia.com (another thing I like)
you can get this sweet Nikki McClure poster for free (and really for free, not like those “free” obama moveon.org shirts)


It’s the best thing I’ve seen all day!

As Expected…

My Eggplant came out like shit.
It looked ok. But tasted blah.

Eggplant Tomatoes and Dill

The eggplant was dry and kind of tasted like mushrooms. I’m going to try Jodi’s and Sarah’s suggestions at some point, and haven’t quite given up on eggplant yet.

Right now.. at this very moment…

I am cooking over 2.5 lbs of eggplant. 1/2 are white ones, from my garden, and 1/2 are purple and from the Scratch Farm CSA that I belong to and love dearly.

I’m going to admit to you, I don’t think I like eggplant. I feel just eh – about eggplant parmesan, (i’d really rather have veal (gasp)) but I have to do something with it. I had some baba ganoush I liked once, but recipes tell me to cook the eggplant right on the burner, and I have an electric stove, so I feel weird about sticking my eggplant on my electric burner. I’m currently roasting all of this eggplant for 40 minutes at 350 with some olive oil and garlic, and then adding it to the last of my garden tomatoes (cold, i hate cooked tomatoes) and some dill. It sounds like its going to be good, but will it be? I’ll tell you tomorrow, and I will have a photo for you.

BTW I’m sure I’ll be getting more eggplant, so if you have any spectacular eggplant recipes that don’t involve breadcrumbs or frying, please clue me in.

almost 30

Its been a while, I know, but I’ve been busy, almost being 30. I turn the big 30 in November, and I’ve been doing a lot of things before that happens. Today I was talking with my friend Heather, who will turn 30 before me, and we were discussing things we may be on the “cusp” of liking.

For instance, will we wake up and like Celine Dion? What if the clock strikes and I suddenly have a craving for a Cosmo? Or I want to trade my scruffy dog in for a much harder to care for Puli (I had no idea thats what these dogs were called, but Heather did, she must be closer to the cusp). Will I suddenly think “Passion Parties” are fun instead of lame? A true tell tale sign of a 30 year old though, is wanting to celebrate at a 90’s night…. ugh.

Untitled-2 copy

Catch of the Day

As a true New Englander, I love Lobster in all forms, in raviolis, boiled, steamed, dunked in butter etc etc… But of course, I love the classic Lobster Roll at least once a summer. I think that on this trip to the cape I may have had the mother of all Lobster Roll’s at Catch of the Day in Wellfleet. For $17, I was presented with this monster of a sandwich, which delicious sweet potato fries and tons of pickles. The meat itself had just a little mayo and some celery mixed in, just how I like it. The bun was almost like a hot dog bun, but not quite, but sweet like it should be. I feel it is my duty to share this place with the rest of the universe, since it wasn’t that busy for a place right on route 6 with such tasty lobster rolls.

potentially the best lobster roll i've ever had

Also, they use crushed ice in their soda, CRUSHED ICE! heaven. really.

omg these things are huge.

The other morning I was walking my dog, and noticed that the beans someone had planted in the courtyard of my building were HUGE. Not just big, but scary huge.
Exhibit A:
these giant beans are growing in my courtyard
Look Closely

Exhibit B:
they are each longer than one foot
Here you don’t have to look so closely, because each bean is more than ONE FOOT long.

I googled a little and found “Yardlong Beans” but I don’t think this is them. These look more like giant scary but regular ‘ol green beans.

I know who they belong to and could just ask them, but its more fun trying to google them all day.

Booze and Veggies.

This summer I belong to a great CSA, and have a garden, so I’m already finding myself with a shitload of vegetables. Last night after a few beers at the new neighborhood bar The Scurvy Dog, I made some really unphotogenic but yummy pickles, and whipped up these effin’ delicious onion goat cheese muffins.

They are based on Jugalbandi’s Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Muffins, but I used what I had in my fridge, which was onions and zucchini and some dill.


I was drunk when I made them, but somehow they came out really well, and so fluffy, I think because I used egg whites instead of the whole egg? They are for a picnic tonight at Blithewold, and I think they will go nicely with the Portuguese wine they are serving (More drinking).

Whenever I drink 4 beers on an empty stomach, I crave some za, so luckily I had the right ingrediants.

Last nights dinner Goat Cheese Salami Broccoli Pizza:

See that beautiful broccoli, its from my garden. I know, you are jealous.

my garden grows.

I’ve really been nerding out about gardening & veggies this summer. I was able to get a community garden spot, and so far its going great. Last year I was trying to grow tomatoes on my roof, but it was super hot out there, we weren’t “technically allowed” on the roof and I got a hornworm invasion. This year, i’ve already harvest a shit-ton of radishes, more mesclun than one person should ever eat, and some so so swiss chard.

Here’s a peek into what gets me so excited.

look at that cucumber! adorable.

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